Adding Time Periods to Dataviews

Use Time Periods of Dataview to determine which Time Periods are displayed for each Dataview.

  To add time periods to dataviews:

  1. Access Dataviews and select a dataview.

    See Creating and Maintaining Dataviews.

  2. In Dataviews, select Time Periods.

    Dataview displays the name of the currently selected dataview.

  3. Optional: Select Hide Calculated Period Column to hide calculate time periods.

  4. Select time periods to display:

    • All Time Periods

      Displays all time periods.

    • Only History

      Displays historical periods only.

    • Only Forecast

      Displays forecast periods.

    • Set Time Range

      Displays periods in a specified range:

      • In Beginning Boundary, enter a formula to set the first period in the range.

      • In Ending Boundary, enter a formula to set the last period in the range.

      • Click Build to build formulas. See Building Time Formulas.

  5. Click OK.