Opening Entities

Open entities stored on servers.

  To open entities:

  1. Select Server then Copy Local File to Server.

  2. Under Name, select an entity.

  3. Optional: Use Server Filters for faster response times by specifying the entity types for the list:

    • Optional: Select Show As Tree.

      • Selected—shows entities in parent-child relationships.

        Tree mode is recommended, as it reduces list generation time by showing the top-level entities first, allowing you to open only those needed.

      • Deselected—shows entities flat.

    • Optional: In Entity Group Filter, enter entity groups, and only entities in those groups display.

      To enter multiple entity groups, use semicolons between names.

    • Optional: In Entity Filter, enter words or phrases to filter out entities without those words or phrases in the name.

      Select Starts With or Contains to determine where in the name the word or phrase occurs. To enter multiple entity groups, use semicolons between names.

    • Click Refresh to activate the search filter.

    • Optional: Click Save as Default to store the filter criteria.

      The criteria activate whenever you access Open Entity.

  4. In Type, select a file type to display:

    • All (Entities and Templates)

    • Entities

    • Templates)

  5. Select Import Source Entity Data to import linked data.

  6. Select an option:

    • To check out and then lock entities, select Check Out (lock)

    • To create isolated copies, select Open As Copy

  7. Perform a task

  • To open entities, click OK.

  • To open entity archives, click Archive.

  • To open currency-translated versions of entities, click Translations.