Creating and Maintaining Dataviews

You modify and create dataviews in Create Dataview.

  To create and maintain dataviews:

  1. On the Accounts view, select View, and then Dataviews.

  2. Select Create Dataview.

  3. Optional: You can select, remove, rename, and reorder dataviews.

  4. To create dataviews, click New.

  5. Select Display Group Header as Titles to display Account Group headings.

  6. Select Hide Input Row if a Calc Account to conceal input rows of calculated accounts.

  7. Select Hide Forecast Row if a Calc Account to conceal forecast methods of calculated accounts.

  8. Select account attributes:

    • Available Account

      Select attributes in the Available Account column and click Add to include it in the dataview.

      • Output Row—Display outputs

      • Input Row —Display inputs

      • Forecast Row—Display forecast methods or freeform formula descriptions

    • Selected Account Attributes—Display or remove account attributes

  9. Click Blank Row to insert rows between accounts.

  10. Add time periods to the dataview.

    See Adding Time Periods to Dataviews.

  11. Click OK.