Creating Subtotals

The Subtotal dialog displays the subaccount to be subtotalled. Defining a subaccount as a Subtotal turns the account into a calculated account.

  To create a subtotals:

  1. On the Accounts view or Report view, select the account to subtotal.

  2. Select Accounts, then Subaccounts.

  3. In Main Account, select a main account.

  4. In All Subaccounts, select a subaccount.

  5. Click Subtotal.

  6. Select subtotal options:

    • Subtotal Starting after Previous or Main Account — Adds the subaccounts listed above it in All Subaccounts until reaching another subtotal or main account.

    • Subtotal Starting at Subaccount — Designates a subaccount number to being the subtotal. Enter the subaccount number in the input box.

  7. Click OK.