Specifying File Summary Data Displayed in Reports

Summary Information enables you to specify basic information about files such as author, company, SIC code, currency, and global assumption data, that are used displayed reports.

  To set summary information:

  1. Open a file.

  2. Select File and then Summary Information.

  3. Most inputs are self explanatory, but note the following:

    • Comments

      Enter additional information about the analysis.

    • SIC Code

      The company SIC (industry classification) code that displays in reports.

    • Group ID

      The group performing the analysis, such as “Marketing”.

    • Default Currency:

      • Units

        Default currency units: ones, thousands, millions, billions or trillions. All data, unless otherwise specified, is entered and displayed in the default units. Displays on reports.

      • Name

        Default currency name, for example: dollars, pounds, or yen. Displays on reports.

    • Global Assumptions — Provide the path to the global assumptions file updating the current file. When you click OK, the system links the current file with the global assumptions file, asking if it should update. Delete the filename and the system removes the link

  4. Click OK.