Changing Time Period Details

When you generate time periods for a financial model, all periods share detail level, which you define in the Time Period Setup Wizard. You detail level for individual years using the Detail in Year option.

  To change time period level detail:

  1. Select Analysis, then Time, and then Time Periods.

  2. On the timeline, under Period, select a year.

  3. Click Detail in Year.

  4. Under Change Years, select one or more periods.

  5. Under Level of Detail, select a period that determines aggregate periods. For example, you can select Months without selecting Quarters or Halves—resulting in 12 months and the annual period. You can add the aggregate periods later, which, except for annual periods, are not automatically created .

  6. On Change Time Period Detail, click OK.

  7. On Time Periods, click OK.

  8. Optional: Calculate the model.

    See Recalculating Values for Changed Periods.