When you create Strategic Finance models, you define the number and type of time periods (weeks, months, quarters, halves, years). Afterwards, you can modify and add time periods, to enhance financial models.

  To define time periods:

  1. Select Analysis, then Time, and then Time Periods.

  2. In Last Historical Period, you select a year to be the last historical year of the model.

  3. In Base Period, you select a year to be the base period of the model.

  4. In Years for Historical Average, you enter a number to define the number of historical years in the model.

  5. The Period list displays this information:

    • Period—Name of the period when displayed on the Accounts view and in reports.

    • ID—Code name internally used to reference the period.

    • Display — If status is provided in reports. See Concealing Time Periods in Reports.

    • Input—If users can enter data for trailing periods.

  6. In Time Periods, perform these tasks: