Setting or Editing Excel Import Map Accounts Options

  To set edit Excel import map accounts options:

  1. From any Strategic Finance view, select File, then Import, then From Excel File, and then Edit / Run Existing Map.

  2. In Select Map to Edit, open the Excel import map (*.mpr).

    The Excel file from which the map was generated is identified.

  3. Select Accounts.

  4. Optional: To automatically map accounts, click Auto-map.

  5. Map individual accounts:

    1. In From, select an Excel account.

    2. In To, select a Strategic Finance account.

    3. Click Add to map the two accounts.


      If you add the wrong account, select the account in To and click Remove.

    4. In To, select the account and click +/- to add or subtract the source value from the destination account.

      If the Excel file displays credit balances as negative numbers, switch the sign to import the value properly.

  6. Optional: To scroll through accounts in To, click Next or Previous.

  7. Optional: To locate invalid links, click Invalid Links.

  8. Optional: To display only Excel accounts that are not mapped in From, click Show only unassigned spreadsheet accounts.