Setting or Editing Excel Import Map General Options

  To set general options for Excel import map:

  1. From any Strategic Finance view, select File, then Import, then From Excel File, and then Edit / Run Existing Map.

  2. In Select Map to Edit, open an Excel import map (*.mpr).

    The Excel file from which the map was generated is identified.

  3. Select Options.

  4. Select a sheet.

  5. In Column containing mapping labels, enter the letter specifying the Excel column containing account labels.

  6. In Column containing account names, enter the letter specifying the Excel column from which to import account names if you select Import account names.

  7. In Row containing time labels, specify the Excel row containing time-period labels.

    The time labels in Excel and Strategic Finance must match.

  8. Select Import account names to import the account names in the column specified in Column containing account names.

  9. Select Prompt for file when importing to prompt for the Excel file name when importing maps.

    If not used the last-accessed Excel file is imported.

  10. Under For accounts not imported, preserve..., specify whether to use input values or output values to use for accounts that are not imported.

  11. In Scale currency/units in, specify the currency scale.

    This option converts the currency and units scale of the Excel data when imported.

    For example, if Sales in the Excel spreadsheet is 1500 and sales in the Strategic Finance file is in thousands, if you scale in thousands, the data is imported and stored as 1,500,000 and displayed as 1500. If you scale in ones, the data is imported as 1500 and displayed as 1.5.

  12. Select Scale percentages for percentages to retain the same value when the scale for the currency and units changes.

  13. Select Aggregate Duplicate Accounts if multiple instances of an account exist in the Excel spreadsheet, and they should import as one account.