Selecting Target Entities

  To add target entities to ECM documents:

  1. Select Server, and then select Entity Change Management.

  2. Select an ECM document, and check it out.

  3. Select Target Files.

  4. Select Edit, and then Add Target Entities.

  5. From Selection Method choose how to display and select entities as follows, and then click Add:

    • Exclude Entities by Name—Exclude specific entities that you select. For example, you could use this option to filter the list and manage changes to entities based on a template, but exclude several individual entities from that group. Excluded entities are listed on Target Entities.

    • Select Entities by Source Template—Display only entities associated with a template that you select.

    • Select Entities by Entity Group—Display only entities associated with a group that you identify.

  6. Select Show Entities Flat to deactivate the tree display.

  7. Select Apply to Children to copy ECM document changes to children of target entities.

  8. Click Close.