Setting Global Assumptions Options

  To set global assumptions options:

  1. Access Global Assumptions .

    See Using Local Global Assumptions .

  2. Select Options.

  3. Optional: To add subaccounts, select Add subaccounts to target file and an option:

    • User-defined accounts — Export all account attributes and aggregation rules


    • All current other subaccounts and main accounts — Export input and calculated data, historical data, forecast methods, free-form formulas, and account notes.

      • Group and funding option settings are not exported.

      • Main accounts are not added to target files—they must already exist.

      • Account versions in global files are exported.

      • If a target file main account has data, the data moves to the first subaccount and is not additive.

  4. Optional: Use any of these options:

    • Append export status information to existing log to write export status to the log.

    • Calc target file before saving to calculate all target files.

    • Include in log file accounts not found in target file to log accounts that are in the main file, but not in target files

    • Essbase-related export options.

  5. Perform an action:

    • Click OK to save the settings.

    • Click Run to export and save the assumptions settings.