Exporting Data from Strategic Finance Clients to Essbase Servers

After you create a map, use it to transfer data between Strategic Finance and Essbase.

  To export data:

  1. Open a Strategic Finance file:

    • To export, open the source file.

    • To import, open the destination file.

  2. Select File, then Export, and then Edit Existing Map.

  3. In Select Map to Edit, select a map and click Open.

    In List Files of Type , select the type of file:

    • All Files (*.*)—All files in the current directory

    • Map Retrieve Files—Import Maps (*.mpr)

    • Map Send Files—Export Maps (*.mps)

      You can enter text from the keyboard in List Files of Type to sort the files:

    • To see files with an extension, type an asterisk (*), a period, and the three-character extension, and press Enter.

    • To see files with multiple file name extensions, separate extensions with semicolons (;). For example, to see files with the .mpr and .mps extensions, enter “*.mpr; *.mps”.

  4. Select the Essbase server and database and click OK.

  5. Perform an action:

    • Click Import.

    • Click Export.