Saving Files as Templates

You can save any Strategic Finance file as a template, and take advantage or use reporting and modeling standards developed in other models.

  To save files as templates:

  1. From Strategic Finance view, select File, then Open.

  2. Open a file.

  3. Select File, then Save As.

  4. In Save as Type, select Template Files (*.alt) .

  5. In File Name, enter a name.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Select the financial model information from the file the template should contain:

    • Financial Accounts Only. Use only the accounts.

    • Financial Accounts and Time Periods. Use the account and time structures.

    • Financial Accounts, Time, and Data. Use the whole model.

  8. Optional: If you did not enter a name for the template in Save As, enter a name in Template Name.

  9. Click OK.


If using Currency Translator, the exchange accounts are added to the forecast are deleted when you select the Financial Accounts Only or Financial Accounts and Time Period options. To save them with the file, select Financial Accounts, Time Periods and Data.