Using Server-Side Assumptions to Link Entities

You can pull data from one entity to another using HSF Files.

  To use HSF Files to link entities:

  1. Open the target entity.

  2. Select File then Import and then From HSF File.

  3. Select Source Entities.

  4. Click Add to add a source entity.

  5. In Take Source data from, enter a source scenario.

  6. In Put Source Data In, enter the target scenario to populate with the pulled data.

  7. Select a Input/Output Settings option.

  8. From Historical/Forecast Settings, indicate if you want to use just hostorical or both historical and forecast data.

  9. Select Accounts.

  10. In Source File, select the source entity.

  11. In Accounts, select the source account.

  12. Select an Input/Output Settings option to specify the kind of source entity values to use, such as default or input.

  13. Click OK.


    Use Import Source Entity Data to import linked data.