(v1410.00) Interest Capitalized

Interest costs are “capitalized” in certain situations relating to financing the construction or acquisition of certain “qualified” fixed assets. For guidelines, see FASB Statement No. 34.

Interest Capitalized (v1410.00) represents the capitalized interest in each historical and forecast period. The period-by-period values you enter for Interest Capitalized (v1410.00) are subtracted from the total of all interest expense accounts to arrive at the Total Interest Expense (v1420) reported on the Income Statement.

Historical figures for Gross Fixed Assets (v2170) and Accumulated Depreciation (v2190) typically include capitalized interest. To forecast the change in Gross Fixed Assets (v2170) due to capitalized interest separately from other capital expenditures, create a subaccount of Gross Fixed Assets (v2170) to hold the accumulated balance of capitalized interest.