(v2867.00) Retained Earnings Variance

Calculates variances in beginning and ending Retained Earnings (v2850) other than Net Income (v1750), Dividends (v1800, v1900), and Funds Flow Adjustments (v3000, v3020). It appears on the Statement of Retained Earnings. This account can be used for troubleshooting a Funds Flow out-of-Balance error and is calculated as follows:

  (v2850.00)  Retained Earnings (prior period)
+ (v1750.00)  Net Income
- (v1800.00)  Preferred Dividends
- (v1900.00)  Common Dividends
+ (v3000.00)  Funds Flow Adj: Source
- (v3020.00)  Funds Flow Adj: Use
- (v2850.00)  Retained Earnings
= (v2870.00)  Retained Earnings Variance