(v3010.00) Total Sources of Funds

This funds flow account consists of all sources of accounting “funds” for any period. The formula:

  (v1750.00)  Net Income
- (v1170.00)  Gain on Sale of Assets
- (v2420.03)  Earnings from Investments: Equity
+ (v4000.00)  Proceeds from Sale of Assets
+ (v2420.05)  Dividends from Subsidiaries
+ (v2190.01)  Depreciation Expense: Funds Flow
+ (v2400.03)  Amortization of Goodwill
+ (v2410.03)  Amortization of Other Intangibles
+ (v2780.01)  Change in Minority Interest
+ (v2800.01)  Increase in Total Liabilities
+ (v2820.01)  Proceeds from Sales of Preferred Stock
+ (v2840.01)  Chg. in Common Stock (Net of Treasury)
+ (v2880.01)  Increase in Other Equity
+ (v2870.01)  Increase in Currency Translation Adjustments
+ (v3000.00)  Funds Flow Adjustment: Sources
= (v3010.00)  Total Sources of Funds