(v3270.00) Total Operating Tax Refund

Two variables are used to handle the tax refund, Additional Tax Refund (v1635) and Total Operating Tax Refund (v3270.00). Additional Tax Refund (v1635) is reused from regular taxable income. Its use here means Strategic Finance treats user-defined refunds as coming from operations. Total Operating Tax Refund (v3270.00) is calculated in all periods but is different in historical periods than in forecast periods.

In historical periods, it is:

(v1635.00) Additional Tax Refund

Because Additional Tax Refund (v1635) is an input, the tax refund is essentially an input in history.

In forecast periods, it is

 	(v1635.00)  Additional Tax Refund
+	(v3250.00)  Oper. Tax Refund Due to Loss Carryforward
+	(v3260.00)  Operating Tax Refund Due to Loss Carryback
=  (v3270.00)  Total Operating Tax Refund

The refund due to NOL carryforwards and carrybacks are calculated only in the last period of a year and if Calculate Tax Effects Automatically is selected in Tax Effect of Losses dialog . If you do not check the box, the tax refund is an input.

Total Taxes on Operations (v3280.00)

 	(v3275.00)  Current Provision for Operating Taxes
+	(v1680.00)  Other Taxes
=  (v3280.00)  Total Taxes on Operations

Strategic Finance assumes that anything entered in Total Taxes on Operations (v3280.00) relates to operations. If this is not true, use Additions to Operating Income Taxes (v3235) to adjust Income Taxes on Operations (v3240).