(v4110.00) Non-Operating Sources of Funds

Represents funds derived from sources other than operations, specifically:

 	(v2525.01)  Increase in Accrued Interest
+	(v2595.01)  Incr. in Other Non-Operating Curr. Liab.
+	(v2790.01)  Increase in Other Liabilities
-	(v2420.03)  Earnings from Investments: Equity
+	(v2420.05)  Dividends from Subsidiaries
+	(v2780.01)  Increase in Minority Interest
+	(v2870.01)  Incr. in Currency Translation Adjustments
+	(v3000.00)  Funds Flow Adjustment: Sources
+	(v2880.01)  Increase in Other Equity
=	(v4110.00)  Non-Operating Sources of Funds

Because these funds-flow accounts are derived from sources other than the basic operations of the business, they are not included in the calculation of Cash Flow from Operations (v4100).