(v4250.00) Net Cash Provided

This account on the Cash Flow Statement captures the Cash Surplus or Cash Deficit that is generated or required by operations in a given period. Depending on which Funding Options are selected, a Cash Surplus is used to pay dividends, repay debt, and/or invest in marketable securities.

Cash Deficits are funded by reducing marketable securities, issuing additional debt or relying on “negative dividends” (funding from a parent company).

Net Cash Provided is determined as follows:

 	(v4100.00)  Cash Flow from Operations
+	(v4200.00)  Non-Operating Income
-	(v1170.00)  Gain on Sales of Assets
+	(v4110.00)  Non-Operating Sources
-	(v4150.00)  Non-Operating Uses
-	(v4080.00)  Cash Flow Adjustment: Source
-	(v1400.00)  Total Interest Expense 
-	(v3290.00)  Current Non-Operating Taxes
-	(v1800.00)  Preferred Dividends
+	(v2830.01)  Proceeds from Sale of Common Stock
=	(v4250.00)  Net Cash Provided