(v4600.00) Net Cash Provided by Financing

Sum of the financing activity of a company as defined by FAS 95. Because FAS 95 categorizes interest as an operating activity, this account does not include all financing costs.

 	(v2510.01)  Incr. in Curr Port. L-T Debt
+	(v2520.01)  Incr. in Notes Payable
+	(v2660.01)  Increase in L-T Debt: Scheduled
+	(v2690.01)  Increase in L-T Debt: Excess
-	(v2460.01)  Incr. In L-T Funding Asset
+	(v2780.01)  Increase in Minority Interest
+	(v2820.01)  Proceeds from Sales of Preferred Stock
+	(v2840.01)  Chg. in Common Stock (Net of Treasury)
+	(v2870.01)  Increase in Currency Translation Adjustments
+	(v2880.01)  Increase in Other Equity
-	(v1800.00)  Preferred Dividends
-	(v1900.00)  Common Dividends
=	(v4600.00)  Net Cash Provided by Financing