(v5785.00) Economic Profit Corporate Value

Total economic value of the firm, comprises:

  • Present value of Economic Profits (v5760) generated during the forecast horizon

  • Present value of Residual Perpetuity (v5770)

  • Beginning Book Value (v5780)

  • Investments, such as Total Marketable Securities (v2017), Long-Term Funding Asset (v2460), Investments in Stocks and Bonds (v5.00.560), and Investments consolidated using the Cost or Equity Method

Economic Profit Corporate Value (v5785.00) is calculated:

 	(v5775.00)   Total PV of Economic Profit
+	(v5780.00)   Beginning Book Value
+	(v2017.00)   Total Marketable Securities(Last Hist. Pd)
+	(v2460.00)   Long-TermFunding Asset (Last Historical Pd)
+	(v5.00.560)  Investments in Stocks and Bonds
+	V5.00.910    Valuation Adj. for Cost and Equity Method:EP
=	(v5785.00)   Economic Profit Corporate Value