Customizing Templates

In templates, you can customize financial accounts, forecast methods, time periods and input values. You may want to customize account descriptions, specify input, print and group settings, and add subaccounts for additional detail.Template also specify forecast methods, which you change to reflect user preferences and standard company or industry practice. Change time periods to represent your company's standards. There may even be cases where you want to save financial data values in a template.

  To customize templates:

  1. From any Strategic Finance view, select File then Open and select a template (*.alt) or file (*.alc).

  2. Customize financial accounts, time periods, and/or input values.

  3. Select File then Save As.

  4. In Save As, enter a filename using the .alt extension.

  5. Click OK.

  6. In Save Template , select components.

    Financial accounts are included. You can include time periods or time periods and data. Select Financial Accounts Only to include accounts only.

  7. Click OK .