Main Account Numbers

These are the main accounts in typical Strategic Finance models:

Main Account Number

Financial Account Grouping

300.00.000 - 395.00.000

Memo Accounts

User Defined Accounts

1000.00.000 - 1999.09.999

Income Statement Accounts

2000.00.000 - 2999.09.999

Balance Sheet and Related Accounts

3000.00.000 - 3999.09.999

Funds Flow Statement and Tax Accounts

4000.00.000 - 4999.09.999

Cash Flow Accounts

5000.00.000 - 5999.09.999

Valuation Accounts

6000.00.000 - 7060.00.000

Financial Ratios, Custom Ratios and Debt Covenant Accounts.

User Defined Accounts


Income Statement expense accounts such as Amortization and Interest Income/Expense, having related Balance Sheet accounts such as Intangibles, Debt and Funding accounts, are not situated in the Income Statement grouping, but in the Balance Sheet grouping, with their related Balance Sheet accounts.