Renumbering Multiple Subaccounts

Use the Renumber Subaccount—Multiple tab to renumber many accounts simultaneously.

  To renumber multiple subaccounts:

  1. On Subaccount Options , select a subaccount and click Renumber.

    See Adding and Maintaining Subaccounts.

  2. Select Multiple.

    Current Main Account lists the current main account name. Read only.

  3. In Starting Subaccount Number, enter the first subaccount number in the range.

  4. In Ending Subaccount Number , enter the last subaccount number in the range.

    This number must be higher than the starting subaccount number.

  5. In New Starting Subaccount Number, enter a subaccount number.

    This is the starting number. For example, if you renumber subaccounts 1 through 5 and start at 7, Strategic Finance renumbers the subaccounts 7 through 11.

  6. Click Apply.

    Strategic Finance validates if the subaccount number is not currently in use. If one of the renumbered subaccount numbers is in use, the process fails. The original subaccount numbers remain.

  7. Click Close.