Enter data for an account as the number of days (typically of sales or cost of goods sold) which this item represents. It is most commonly used for working capital balances, such as receivables and payables forecasting.


When forecasting using the Days method, do not select Increase in method on the Account Forecast dialog.

If you select this option, you must specify the Associated Account, which you select in the Associated Account section of the Account Forecast dialog. The Annualize Associated Account option is automatically turned on and the Input is... section is set to Annual. Strategic Finance uses the correct time period handling in this calculation (e.g., monthly A/R is calculated based on annualized sales, etc.).

So, if you elect to forecast Accounts Receivable in Days of Sales, your Accounts Receivable balance is calculated as follows in each forecast period:

(Input for Days / No. of Days in Period) * Sales = Accts. Receivable Balance