Account Input Inheritance and Backsolving

In custom scenarios, non-scenario-specific accounts inherit values only from the Base scenario. This dynamic link ensures data integrity between scenarios. This default inheritance behavior between custom scenarios and the Base scenario is valid with backsolving in most models.

In some models however, you may need to modify the behavior so the Base scenario inherits values from the Actuals scenario, which become the values in non-scenario-specific accounts of custom scenarios, resulting in three inheritance layers. If this is the case and you are using features that perform extensive backsolving, such as Consolidator and Currency Translator, custom scenarios may create scenario-specific values for the non-scenario specific accounts, severing the inheritance chain between the custom scenario and Base. To avoid this:

  • Revert to the default behavior, so the custom scenario inherits solely from Base—preferred.

  • In cases where the Base scenario absolutely must inherit values from Actuals, redesign the financial model so all affected accounts in the custom scenario are scenario specific