Modeling Revolver Accounts

  To model revolver accounts:

  1. Access Funding Options.

    See Accessing Funding Options.

  2. Under Type, by Note Payable or L-T Debt: Scheduled, select Revolver.

  3. Under Surplus, select cash source accounts, and under Deficit, select deficit accounts to receive cash.

  4. Click Inputs.

  5. In Account Input, select the revolver account.

  6. Click Forecast Methods.

  7. Select Structured or Freeform.

    • On Structured, select a forecast method for the revolver limit. Select one of 10 predefined forecast methods.

    • On Freeform, enter a Freeform Formula for the revolver limit.

    • Select a model:

      • Balance—maximum revolver balance.

      • Increase—increase in maximum revolver balance.

    • To model a revolver based on a Borrowing-Base or Loan Advance formula (revolver maximum based on a percentage of designated collateral), forecast the Maximum Revolver Balance and use the Freeform formula method.

Example 1:

Formula Description: Maximum Revolver Facility: based on % of Receivables and Inventories


(90% * v2020) + (50% * v2040)

Example 2:

Formula Description: Maximum Revolver Facility: Maximum of 1000 or 90% of Working Capital


@max(1000, (90% * v2020) + (50% * v2040))

In case of cash deficit, the revolver account lends up to its forecasted maximum before Funding Options select to the next account in Fund Cash Deficits with....