Modeling Term Accounts

  To model term accounts:

  1. Access Funding Options.

    See Accessing Funding Options.

  2. Under Type, by Note Payable or L-T Debt: Scheduled, select Term.

  3. Under Surplus select the account with the term loan to be repaid early with a cash surplus.

  4. Click Inputs.

  5. On Account Input, select the term account.

  6. Click Forecast Methods.

  7. Select Structured or Freeform.

    • On Structured, select a forecast method for the term loan. Select one of 10 predefined forecast methods.

    • On Freeform, enter a Freeform Formula for the term loan.

    • Select a model:

      • Balance—term debt balance.

      • Increase—change in balance with an amortization schedule.

    • To set automatically reducing term accounts, see Modeling Term Accounts to Automatically Reduce.