Modeling Term Accounts to Automatically Reduce

  To model automatically reducing term accounts:

  1. Select Structured.

  2. In Forecast, select % of Another Account.

  3. In Associated Account, enter Current-Portion Long-Term Debt (v2510.00)

  4. In Forecast As , select Incr. in New Bank Term Loan.

  5. Click OK.

  6. On Account Input , select the term account and enter -100 (which is equivalent to “-100%”) in the forecast periods.

  7. On Account Input , select Current-Portion Long-Term Debt (v2510.00) and enter the scheduled payment/amortization schedule in the cells.


    Ensure this account is not forecast using Increase in and the As Actual Value forecast method.

    L-T Debt: Scheduled is reduced by the amount in Current-Portion Long-Term Debt.