The Standard Method with a Surplus

Using the standard method with forecasts resulting in cash surplus before funding, Strategic Finance distributes the surplus using the order and priority in the Apply Cash Surplus to... list of the Standard tab. Funding accounts not in the funding lists may be forecasted like all other balance sheet accounts.

Enter accounts in the Apply Cash Surplus to... list to achieve:

  • Increasing Marketable Securities

    To retain excess cash, include marketable securities in the list. You can retain funds for future investments.

  • Repayment of Debt

    To pay down term debt early, include term debt in the list. This repays debt beyond the forecasted decline if surplus cash is available.

  • Reduction in Revolving Balances

    To reduce outstanding balance on revolving debt, include the revolving account in the list.

  • Retirement of Preferred Stock

    To apply cash to early retirement of preferred stock, include it in the list.

  • Acquisition of Treasury Stock (Common Shares and New Common Shares)

    To repurchase the firm's treasury shares, include it in the list.