Debt Schedule Guidelines

With debt schedules, use these guidelines:

  • Time structures of financial models must be in calendar time before creating debt schedules. Non-calendar time structures, such as years in which each month has exactly 30 days, cannot handle debt schedules.

  • Calculate all inputs for time periods before you running debt schedules to produce outputs. For example, PIK Interest Rate is an input to the calculation and cannot be forecast using Cash Interest Rate after Repricing, which is an output of the calculation—a circular reference may result.

  • Do not create debt schedules in accounts containing debt. In particular, avoid:

    • The target account contains aggregate periods accepting input, and the debt schedule starts in a time period inside the boundary of the aggregate period.

    • The account contains debt before creating the debt schedule.

    • Currency Translator affects the account.

    • The vxxxx.04 and/or vxxxx.35 accounts contain input values in the time period immediately preceding the start of the debt schedule.