Manually Modelling Debt Recapture Without Debt Scheduler

To model debt recapture without using Debt Scheduler, you define the recapture in debt accounts (v2652, v2654, or v2660).


Do not manually model recapture in debt accounts when some periods are covered by Debt Scheduler and others are covered manually, because the methods used to calculate recapture in these two cases are incompatible. With 999 subaccounts of debt available, this is no limitation.

To manually model debt recapture:

  • So that the debt recapture affects the debt balance, set the forecast method for the balance account (.00) of the debt schedule to Forecast as... using the Change In method, instead or directly forecasting the debt balance. Then, set the forecast method to As Actual Value and use a Constant Input value of 0.

  • So that the debt balance cannot go negative due to recapture, cap the forecasted maximum recapture account (.17) against the trial debt balance before recapture. For example, you can use a Freeform Formula for the .17 account such as:

    @min(@max( X, 0 ), @sub(v2660 (@inputpd(-1)) +@sub(v2660.03) +@sub(V2660.35) +@sub(v2660.04) +@sub(v2660.13) -@sub(v2660.15) +@sub(v2660.09))

    where X represents the formula used to calculate the maximum recapture amount available. The recapture must be at least 0, but no larger than the anticipated debt balance.


    If you use Freeform Formulas when debt balances are forecast directly (not as the related funds flow account), circular references occur—no debt is recaptured and the calculation fails.