Using Trace Calculations

Trace Calculations enables you to debug a calculation step-by-step through each cell—you can eliminate common modeling errors and optimize processing times.

Looping errors often occur in complex models, causing unnecessary calculations. Trace Calculations calculates and displays the model, using color codes to show the start and end points of problematic loops:

  • Green = loop start

  • Red = loop end

Double-click the start of the loop (green) to move to the next cell–double-click on each successive cell to get to the next. You hover the mouse pointer over cells to display the calculation in a tooltip.

  To use Trace Calculations:

  1. Open an entity or file.

  2. Select Analysis, then Tools/Calculators, and then Trace Calculations.

  3. Click Next Balance or Next Fund to locate loops.

    • Next Balance moves to the next start (green)

    • Next Fund moves to the next end (red).

  4. From the loop start (green), double-click the cell to move to the next cell in the calculation.

  5. Hover the mouse pointer over a cell display the calculation in a tooltip. If there are errors, correct them.

  6. Repeat steps 4-5 and fix all problems.

  7. Click OK.