Consolidation Structures

You can create consolidation structures locally or on the Strategic Finance Server. Consolidation structures represent organizational structures, where each department of a company has a child entity or business unit file, and the values from all are rolled-up, or totalled, into a consolidated parent entity.

The consolidated parent entity (consolidated parent, consolidation file) becomes the root of all child entities in the structure, and data from the child entities is rolled-up into the parent when the consolidation is run. This gives you the overall financial picture of an organization.

For example, say you have a manufacturing company with West Coast regional operations. You could have a parent file or entity called ‘West Coast’ for the root of the structure, and files or entities for departments such as ‘Accounting’ and ‘Manufacturing’ as children, so their numbers are rolled-up into ‘West Coast’ to give you the total numbers for the whole region.