Tree View and Chart View

The Tree View or Chart View display the same information, but with variation:

  • Entity Name/Tree

    The entity name.

  • Scenario

    The scenario active scenario in the entity is for the current consolidation.

  • Method—Tree View only

    The method for consolidating the entity—see Method Used in Specifying Child Entity Characteristics.

  • % Ownership—Tree View only

    The percentage of its value each individual account contributes—see Ownership % of Selected Entity in Specifying Child Entity Characteristics. For example, at 50% only half of the listed account value contributes to the consolidation.

  • Status

    Entities have these possible states:

    • Consolidate

      The consolidation needs to be run.

    • Working

      The consolidation is processing.

    • Calc

      The entity is calculated.

    • Change

      The entity has changed.

    • Ready

      The consolidation is complete.

  • Perform a task:

    • To hide excluded entities—Select Edit, then Hide Excluded Entities to hide excluded entities.

    • Deselect Edit, then Hide Excluded Entities, and then perform a task: