Differing Levels of Time Detail

If files in consolidation structures have different time detail levels, the consolidated parent cannot have a more detailed time structure than the least detailed child entity. This table illustrates how level-of-time-detail rules apply to child entities based on the level of time detail in the consolidated parent:

Consolidated Parent Uses:

Child Entities Can Use:


Years, Halves, Quarters, Months, or Weeks


Halves, Quarters and Halves, Months and Halves, or Weeks and Halves


Quarters, Months and Quarters, or Weeks and Quarters


Months or Weeks and Months



If mismatched time periods do not fall within these rules, the consolidated parent uses the aggregate data from the child entities. For example, if the consolidated parent is in years and the child entities are in quarters, the consolidation uses yearly values for each of the child entities.

If a time period mismatches is not covered by these rules, Consolidator logs an error and stops the consolidation.