Adding or Selecting Scenarios for Entities in Consolidations

  To create scenarios:

  1. Open a consolidation structure and, in Scenario, select <New>

    See Opening Local Consolidation Structures or Opening Server Consolidation Structures and Selecting Scenarios for Entities.

  2. On Tree View or Chart View, select an entity.

  3. In Scenario, perform an action:

  4. Optional: To use a target scenario currently in the consolidated parent, in Scenario already exists in the parent, select a scenario.

    Optional: Select Use scenario in all children.

    • Selected— All child entities contribute the same scenario.

    • Deselected—Each child entity contributes a different scenario. You must access each child entity and select a scenario.

  5. Optional: To create target scenarios in consolidated parents, select Scenario doesn’t exist in the parent and enter a name.

    When you create scenarios in consolidated parent entities, the same scenario is created in all intermediate parent entities for storing consolidation-specific data.

  6. Click OK.