Exporting Consolidation Metadata

To export consolidation metadata:

  1. Ensure that an administrator satisfied the requirements identified above.

  2. Ensure that the Strategic Finance database contains the consolidation.

  3. Launch Strategic Finance and connect to the Strategic Finance server.

  4. Open the consolidation.

  5. Create a label. See Creating Labels.

  6. On Label Manager , select the label and click Export.

    The consolidation metadata in the label loads to the database tables.

  7. Using your relational database tools, join and analyze the amalgamated data by performing tasks such as:

    • Querying CN_ENTITY for the child (immediate) entities of the root.

    • Querying CN_ENTITY with the structure id for the root level entity of the consolidation.

    • Querying CN_SCENARIO with the entity id to identify parent scenarios.

    • Querying CN_SCENARIO for scenario and attribute information, such as ownership percentage, consolidation method, and include/exclude flag.

    • Joining CN_ENTITY and ENTITY to match the entity by name.

    • Joining CN_SCENARIO and SCENARIO to match the scenario by name.

    • Querying FACT for all analysis data.