Using the Currency Translator

  To use Currency Translator:

  1. Select Analysis, then Currency Translator.

    A warning is displays stating that Strategic Finance adds Currency Translator accounts to the model.

  2. Click OK to display Currency Translator.

    The actual exchanges rates are defined in Currency Translator memo accounts added to the Accounts spreadsheet:

    • v100.00.000 Weighted Average Exchange Rate

    • v105.00.000 Period End Exchange Rate

    • v110.00.000 Equity Historical Exchange Rate

    • v115.00.000 User Defined Exchange Rate—The only subaccountable Currency Translator account.

      By default, the v115 rate is assumed for all subaccounts.

  3. Select General Information to define basic currency translation information—see Setting General Information About Currency Translations.

  4. Select Assign Exchange Rates to define exchange rates—see Setting Exchange Rates for Currency Translations.

  5. Click Report to see the Exchange Rates Report.

    See Viewing Currency Translator Reports.

  6. Click OK.