Combined Scenarios Requirements

These rules apply in creating Combined Scenarios:

  • Combined Scenarios inherit the Actuals Rule from the last Scenario in the list. Each scenario in the combined scenario uses the same actuals rule in the last scenario listed in Selected Scenarios. See Creating Combined Scenarios.

  • Overlapping accounts may be used, but the order of the Scenarios is important. If combined scenario accounts exist in multiple account scenarios, calculations use the data from the account in the last scenario in Selected Scenarios. See Creating Combined Scenarios. To use a different version of the account, select the name of the scenario in Selected Scenarios, and reorder it.

  • An account with Actuals must have at least as many Time Periods as the Scenario to which it belongs. If an account is introduced by a scenario, it must use Actuals for at least as many periods as the Account scenario specifies. It may use Actuals for more periods if the last scenario in Selected Scenarios requires—see Creating Combined Scenarios.

  • You cannot add new accounts or Subaccounts directly into Combined Scenarios. New accounts or subaccounts cannot be created in an Entity while you are in a Combined Scenario. To add subaccounts, access the Entity using the Accounts spreadsheet of the client application workspace.