Previewing and Running Entity Change Management Documents

  To preview, refresh, and run ECM documents:

  1. Select Server, and then Entity Change Management.

  2. Open an ECM document.

  3. Select Run.

  4. This run information is displayed:

    • Target Entities—Target entities processed by the latest run.

    • Checked Out By—ID of users who have checked out entities

    • Exclude — Entities not included in the run.

    • Status—The progress of the run such as processing or completed. This column is empty before the first run is performed.

  5. Click Entity Change, and then select any option:

    • Preview ECM Targets—List the targets that will be run.

    • Run—Execute the run.

    • Refresh—Update the progress of the run to reflect changes.

    • Stop ECM Run—Cancel the run.