Running ACM Documents

  To run ACM documents:

  1. Open an ACM document.

    See Using ACM in Smart View.

  2. Select Run.

  3. Review Run information:

    • Target Entities—Entities included in the ACM document.

    • Checked Out by—Any users currently accessing documents are unavailable for the run.

    • Exclude—Select this option within a target entity row to exclude the entity from the current run.

    • Status—The status of the current run per entity:

      • Completed—Copied successfully.

      • Processing—Currently copying.

      • Failed—Copy unsuccessful; rerun recommended.

  4. Optional: Click a column header to sort by the column.

  5. Optional: To preview ACM document runs, select Assumptions Change, then Preview ACM Targets.

  6. To run ACM changes, select Assumptions Change, then Run.