Inserting Accounts in Reports


You can copy and paste accounts from one report to another using the Copy and Paste commands.

  To insert accounts into reports:

  1. Highlight one account to locate the account.

  2. Select Edit, then Insert, and then Account.

  3. On Insert Accounts, select an accounts and click Add.

    To add multiple accounts, repeat.

  4. Optional: Select Expand Subaccounts to include all subaccounts when inserting main account.

  5. Optional: Select Expand Dimensions to include all dimensions when inserting dimensional accounts.

  6. Optional: Select Change Sign to reverse the +/- sign of accounts.

    • If you insert a main or dimensional account and expand the account and select this option, the sign applies to the expanded block of data.

    • To revert to the default sign, deselect this option.

  7. Optional: In Accounts to Insert, reorder the accounts.

    This defines the display order of accounts in reports. To change the order, select accounts and click Up or Down.

  8. Click Insert.