Changing Number Formats Across Reports

  To change numeric formats for report categories:

  1. Select a report.

  2. Select Format, then Default Number Formats

  3. On Default Number Formats, select a numeric format:

  4. Currency with Symbol: Displays numeric data as currency, preceded by a currency symbol. To enter an ASCII character for foreign currency symbols, press Alt and enter the ASCII character, for example: Alt-156 for £ or Alt-157 for ¥.

    • Currency without Symbol

      Displays numeric data as currency without a currency symbol.

    • Items, Days, Turns

      Like Currency without Symbol, but applies to user defined accounts (Memo Accounts, Ratios and Covenants) that could display an output in a format other than currency such as items (quantity), days (A/R days) or turns (Inventory).

    • Percentages

      Displays numeric data in percentage format, followed by a percent sign.

    • Ratios

      Same as Items, Days, Turns.

  5. Click Change.

  6. In Format Cells, select a numeric format.

  7. Click OK.