@input or @input(vXXXX)


Do not use arguments to retrieve values from other accounts, as this option is deprecated.


Uses an input in the formula

Enables users to input a number and reference that input in a formula.


The input function works in conjunction with the Input as and Units text boxes.

See Entering Forecast Methods as Freeform Formulas.

Example 1

When calculating dividends, Net Income from the first forecasted time period can be used as a base. Net Income is multiplied by a percentage input in each period.

For example:

@input* v1750(@firstfore)

By default, the Input as is Currency. Change it to Percentage for this formula.

Example 2

For Cost of Goods Sold (v1040):


returns the input of v1040 regardless of the account containing the formula. If Cost of Goods Sold is 75% of Sales, Strategic Finance returns 75% instead of the Cost of Goods Sold output.