Running Batch Import File

  To run batch imports:

  1. From any Strategic Finance view, select File, then Import, then From Batch File, and then Edit/Run Existing Batch Import File.

  2. On Open, select a batch file and click Open.

  3. Select Batch Info.

    This information is listed for each batch file:

    • Batch Import File—Name of the file (read-only)

    • Last Batch Run—Last time the batch was run

    • Target Entity—Name of the target entity

    • Source—Name of the source file

    • Map—Name of the map file

    • Time Periods—Time periods for the map

    • Scenario—Target scenario

    • Last Run—Last time the mapping entry was run

  4. Under Import, select each entry to import.

    Click Select All to run all batches.

  5. Click Run Batch Import.