Creating Essbase Export Maps

Before transferring data with Essbase databases, you must create a map. The map file stores the database to which it connects. Map files have these filename extensions:

  • Export maps—*.mps

  • Import maps—*.mpr

Before you create maps, the Essbase cube and Strategic Finance file must have matching dimension and time structures.

  To create import or export maps between Strategic Finance and Essbase:

  1. Open Strategic Finance files as follows:

    • Export maps—open source files

    • Import maps—Create then open empty target files

  2. Perform an action:

    • To create import maps, select File, then Import, then From Database, and then Create New Map.

    • To create export maps, select File, then Export, and then Create New Map.

  3. On Create New Map, select Analytic Services and click OK.

  4. Select an Essbase server and database and click OK.

  5. Edit mapping options:

  6. Click OK.

  7. On Save Map As, enter a name for the map file and click Save.