Selecting Essbase Common Dimensions

Common dimensions are global variables.

  To assign common dimensions:

  1. Select Common.

  2. In Common Dimensions, build dimension-to-dimension relationships:

    • Under Dimensions, select Strategic Finance dimensions.

    • Under Assign to... , select corresponding Essbase dimensions.

  3. In Scale currency/unit in, select a scale.

    You change the scale when it takes many units of a currency to equal one unit of the other currency. For example, you can change the scale to millions or thousands to eliminate trailing zeros. Options:

    • Tens

    • Hundreds

    • Thousands

    • Millions

  4. Select Scale percentages? to express data as a percentage.

    For example, to express 10.3 as .103, deselect this option.

  5. In For Accounts that are not imported, preserve... , select an option:

    • Input Values—Include input values.

    • Output Values—Include output values.

  6. Select Prompt for Application and Database? to prompt the user to select the application and database.

    For use in systems with multiple applications or multiple databases or both.

  7. Select Prompt for Common Dimensions? to alert the user when common dimensions occur.