Importing and Exporting ASCII Files

Strategic Finance exports Strategic Finance-formatted ASCII file formats, which have three sections:

  • Strategic Finance Header Information—Enables Strategic Finance to recognize whether the data that follows is understandable to Strategic Finance.

  • Keyword Area—Provides Strategic Finance information about the data that follows, including time-period information.

  • Data—Contains Strategic Finance account names or account numbers, names, and data values. For each row of account data in the ASCII file, the first field represents the account number or name; these data fields represent the numerical financial account data.

Example by Account Name:

# Hyperion Strategic Finance Formatted ASCII File#
"Company Name," Sample Company
"Subject," Most Likely Scenario
"Product Sales," 466.200, 512.800
"Service Revenues," 1468.300, 1519.200 
"Cost of Goods Sold," 1435.200, 1529.900 
"Salary Expense," 156.200, 169.300
"Selling Expense," 54.300, 57.800
"Administrative Expense," 87.200, 93.50


# Hyperion Strategic Finance Formatted ASCII File#

Comma (or tab) specifies how the data is separated (delimited) in the ASCII file.


Name (or number) specifies how the data is indexed in the ASCII file, by the Strategic Finance account number or by the user-defined account name. When formatted by account number, the second data item is the account name, followed by the financial data.

The header lines

#time, 2002,2003 

identify the file as Strategic Finance format and define the delimiter, format, and time periods in the file. The time periods in the ASCII file are matched against Strategic Finance user period labels.

If the account name,

Cost of Goods Sold

does not match anything in the Strategic Finance file, the line is not imported. If the export option was by account number, Cost of Goods Sold is preceded by v1040.0.00.

Company Name

is an example of a value (in this case, text) that has one value, no time series information. When the system encounters such accounts, it transfers the first data value after the account name or number.